Getting back to Work Wear

As if getting back to a regular eating and trying to maintain a New Years resolution isn’t enough, we are also being charged with getting out of pajamas and back into work attire. You have to bring yourself back to a level of professionalism that, for me, was a bit of a challenge! I mean, if I had to get dressed, I wanted to be in jeans!

So, as many people had to do, I had to figure out how to make my work attire match my “comfy, casual” mindset. The best way to do this? Pencil skirt and loose fitting top! For me, a pencil skirt is an easy and comfortable basic for your work outfit. It can be dressed up, down, hipster and classy. I find that a fantastic colored pencil skirt, like my jade green one, can be the best way to get back in to work professional attire.

Want to make the outfit a little more special? Add some fantastic shoes like glitter loafers. Another great idea is adding a big statement necklace to your outfit and downplay the shoes. Either way, a nice neutral belt will pull this look together with ease.

Try it out this week and see how easy it makes your work professional wardrobe!


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