Wondering about Gluten Free?

Yesterday, I had a co-worker reach out to me because she suspected that gluten may not be agreeing with her anymore. I am, by no means, a nutrition expert but I was delighted to be able to talk to her about it. Having a gluten sensitivity or intolerance is often something most people overlook in their quest for a better diet. People with Celiac disease are not the only ones that benefit from limiting or removing gluten from their diet. (Ultimately, there is no negative to removing gluten even if your body seems to be able to process it just fine!)

If you are feeling lethargic, bloated/stopped up and/or that your stomach is in pain after eating foods with a high gluten content, then removing gluten from your diet can be a huge benefit! Unfortunately, these symptoms could come from a variety of foods, such as dairy and soy. I would recommend that you experiment with removing different things from your diet until you figure out what works for you! Give yourself at least two weeks per trial period to allow your body time to adjust so that you can actually tell if there is an impact.

Luckily, we live in a society that is growing in its acceptance and understanding of GF eating. There are some fantastic gluten free brands, such as Tinkyada, Ancient Harvest and Bob’s Red Mill. More and more markets are featuring gluten free products so you have more options than Whole Foods. There are also some great online opportunities such as Vitacost, which will always have discounted prices and has free shipping for orders over $50. (It’s easy to order that much, I promise!) you can subscribe at this link and get $10 off your first order: http://www.vitacostrewards.comV4ZkKL9

I would also suggest following bloggers and Twitter users that have great resources for GF foodies! Check out:


The best way to continue gaining information (especially on Twitter) is to check out some Twitter users and then look at who they are following and who is following them!

Happy GF eating 🙂

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