The Shabby Chic Home

The beauty of a shabby chic home is in the details. There are many ways to have a shabby chic style. Ultimately, I find that this style falls in to the following parameters: a mix of vintage inspired classic accents with a touch of rustic charm.

A shabby chic style is up to the person’s preference. But if you are just starting out, here are some great tips to get the look you want!

What to look for:
– Be sure you are selecting items that have distressed, antiqued accents
– Stay with muted, pastel like colors. You can give pops of color but keep to vintage colors when adding bright colors to the decor!
– Find your “color” base. Mine is antique white or sand and I always build off of that! Some other great options are: copper, caramel, cream, ivory, and light olive green (similar to the coloring of olive oil!) Turquoise is also a great main color scheme but make sure it is a more muted turquoise if you plan to use it as an accent piece.

If you have questions or great ideas to share about achieving a shabby chic look let me know! Your questions and advice are greatly appreciated 🙂

My dining area, seen in the attached picture, is my most recent shabby chic accomplishment! I hope you enjoy.



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