Be where you love

Go where you want to go. Be where you want to be. There is no greater happiness.

I recently read an article about how the millennial generation has grown up with a very particular problem. (I’m sure you’ve read a number of similar articles!) The article spoke about the fact that we, as a generation, have learned to have our expectations at an obscenely high and, ultimately, unattainable level. So much so that our realities are shockingly lower than our expectations. And this, my friends, leads to intense unhappiness.

While our parents may have been raised to have low expectations, we suffer from high expectations that can seriously skew our understanding. Often times, millennials think, or may appear to think, that they are the coolest thing since sliced bread. And this got me thinking.

Despite this being true, more for some than others, I think there is a dual problem at hand. It’s not just that our expectations are high but there has been an obvious struggle in millennials starting their career off strong. Whether they opt for further graduate school (and further debt) because the job market isn’t looking strong or if they accept a job that isn’t in the line of work they want, most millennials seem to not be thinking about the 10yr plan as much as the 1yr plan.

This realization has reminded me of some incredible advice I received. My uncle told me that if he had followed his heart and moved to Santa Barbara, where he is now, earlier he would have had many more years of contentment and happiness. Happiness. The missing piece as identified by the article. What great advice especially for a generation with high expectations and a misdirected reality.

Be where you want to be and happiness will follow.

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