Sunday Funday

Football season is here. This is something that I, as many others, have been waiting for since the Superbowl ended.

But why do people love football?

I am a NY Giants fan and my husband is a Philadelphia Eagles fan. If you know football, you know that’s a rivalry that has a lot of history behind it.

Football is one of the things we love to do most together and our rivalry is one of the healthiest things in our relationship. We love football because it has a unique ability to excite us, to get us screaming and cheering at the TV and to bring intense community. We may be watching the games together right now but we will watch the next set of games with friends. Football is something that people, now more than ever, get excited about.

Most importantly, football brings about that community factor. People don’t often get together to watch the 6 o’clock news or even a baseball game. At least not in the way they do for football. It is a movement with incredible impact.

I love football because it creates a special bond with the people around you. People come together, uniquely, to watch a game. And it’s great. Unmatched by anything else.

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