Documentaries are the new Black (Fish)

I have been on a HUGE documentaries kick recently. There is something about watching an educational, research-oriented film like a well done documentary that makes me feel a lot better about watching TV. (If I’m honest.) Some of my very favorite documentaries recently have approached some controversial and misunderstood issues in our society. Of course, they all have a bias and I understand that. But I like that they challenge the norm, they do not deliver what is expected.

My husband and I had a “documentary weekend” of sorts and here are the ones we watched. What are your favorite documentaries?



This chronicles the killer whales owned and showed by the Sea World staff. It specifically talks about the history and story of Tilikum, a male killer whale that has some anger issues. It will leave you never wanting to go to Sea World again but also aware of how many times we mess with things that we do not fully understand.

Forks over Knives


If you like meat, you won’t like this but you need to see it. This documentary follows two renowned scientists who have studied the shifts in our dietary habits and the impact it has had on our health. You will be running to the nearest Farmer’s Market after watching this.

Chasing Ice


This documentary follows the work of an acclaimed photographer who was determined to SHOW people that our client is shifting, even if people do not believe the science. He chose to feature shifts in ice which is a visual many people can’t question.

Park Avenue


740 Park Avenue. The residence of many of the richest people in America. You will follow the story of how the manipulation of our government has changed society…for the worse. Regardless of where you stand politically, you have to admit there is at least a little something wrong.

Regardless of your views going in (or your views coming out), these are all worth watching!

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