Are millennials misunderstood?

Yes, I know I’m a millennial and I know I’m not the first millennial to raise the “woah, maybe you are misunderstanding here” flag. I was feeling compelled to write about this because I have seen so many stories of people I know, and don’t know, who are just amazingly inspiring. Just yesterday, there was a news story about two sisters who created ThanksUSA, a non-profit organization providing loans to military families so that their family members can further their education. They did this when they were ten or twelve years old.

While I know that there are plenty of people that fall in to the stereotype of lazy millennial, there seems to also be so much hope for our generation. I think of a NY times article recently posted about millennials (or the “boomerang” generation as we are now known), which you can read here: I was impacted by this piece because I don’t personally know anyone who seems to fall under this definition of the “boomerang” generation. The people I know fight through salaries that barely cover their costs, high rent costs, jobs that aren’t their “dream job” and incredible amounts of student loans. I’m proud of the people I know in my generation because these people go against this mentality and will be stronger for it. So maybe we are misunderstood or maybe we are set up to blow everyone out of the water. If two young girls can start a non-profit organization that is making a $10 million impact, then I might be leaning towards the latter. And as far as I’m concerned, I’m excited to prove people wrong.

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