A Fourth of July Game, you say?

So much of the Fourth of July is surrounded by parades, fireworks and various foods in red, white and blue colors. But what about games? People play games at almost every other holiday or event, so why not the Fourth of July? If you are stumped for a good game idea, then maybe you need to host your very own….


We did this at the office and it was great fun! You can make it more like Chopped if you want but we had everyone use only what was on the table. You could really through people some curve balls by adding in items that are not dessert related. Everyone had 5 minutes to make their masterpiece and then judgment ensued. Of course, there was a winner but really everyone won because they got to eat their amazing creations. In my mind, that is the best kind of game for the biggest birthday party in the nation!

Fourth of July Chopped


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