Don’t mind if I do

Last weekend my mom and I went to Shakespeare in the Park and kicked off the evening at the luxurious Paseo Grill in the Paseo Art District. We ate some delicious homemade hummus and tapenade to start (with carrots instead of pita to be gluten free!). Our next courses featured some delicious fish pairings that left us stuffed. But apparently not stuffed enough to forego Key Lime pie for dessert.

I was glad to have somewhere to sit for a few hours as I endured a food coma state. Thankfully, the Myriad Gardens featured a stunning performance of Antony & Cleopatra for this month’s Shakespeare in the Park event. We were able to sit in awe at the captivating story as it unfolded. Between the meal and the show, I would say that Saturday night was an exquisite success. I am looking forward to the next offering from Shakespeare in the Park and maybe round two at the Paseo Grill!

Have you seen any shows at the Myriad Gardens? Which ones have been your favorites?

Myriad Gardens and Paseo Grill

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