Stripes never go out of style

I have loved stripes for a long time. I actually have an absurd amount of striped shirts, sometimes to the point that they are my only option when I’m getting dressed in the morning. And of course, I don’t believe you can ever have too many striped tops.

Well, as one of my favorite loose fitting striped shirts begins its fateful death, it is about time to look for some new options. I’ve been so inspired by the Hatch Collection bateau top that has recently been featured on a blog I follow (Thoughts by Natalie). Now, I know this is a maternity top but I love it and have been tempted to just go ahead and buy it for my future pregnant self. However, I know my husband would think that was a little ridiculous (or maybe pushy…) so I’m looking back to one of my favorite striped shirt options, a classic St. James top.

I first fell in love with the St. James top when I worked at J.Crew and have stayed in love for a long time. I recently started looking to see what new options were on the table and am still swooning over the classic. I had a more untraditional version and so I’m considering getting this traditional option.

J.Crew St. James

(Photo Courtesy of

What striped tops are your favorite?

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