Rainy day blues

When it is rainy out, I want to be curled up in a blanket, in my pajamas, with the fire roaring and a cup of tea or coffee. I believe most people probably feel the same way. So what are you to do on a rainy day? Here are my favorite things!

  • Catch up on my reading – A good book is always a treat but when it’s nice outside, that’s where I want to be! But when it is dreary and cold, I don’t mind curling up with a good book as company.

         Right now I am working on an Elizabeth Peters series and “The Reason for God” by Timothy          Keller!

  • Break out the board games – We love doing this regardless but when we are stuck inside, it gives us an even better excuse! Our favorite board game right now is Settlers of Catan but we love being introduced to new games (thanks to our friends Ryan and Katie Riggs).

One of our favorite games for a quick and easy game with a large group is Apples to Apples!

  • Get creative with cooking – I don’t like going to the market when it is raining so I like seeing what I have in the house and experimenting with new creations. Some of our favorite meals have come through seeing what is available and finding new recipes to try!

Recently, I worked on a Kale Taco Casserole! The recipe is still in the development process.

What are your favorite things to do on a rainy day?

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