How to move without losing your mind


Okay, so to be honest I may not be very helpful with the “not losing your mind” part. But I do have some experience with moving. Over the past six years (yes I am including the craziness of college), I have moved to California from New York, from campus housing to off-campus housing in Calabasas, CA, to off-campus housing in Malibu, CA, to Pasadena for my first job out of college, to another apartment in Pasadena, to my friend’s home in Agoura Hills to a coworker’s home in Mission Viejo to another apartment in Calabasas to my first apartment with my new husband and now to Oklahoma. (Yes that was all achieved in six years.)

So how did I do it? Definitely not with grace but here are some tips (and good things to keep in mind) to make it a little easier!

  1. LABEL LABEL LABEL! Obviously you will have to throw something random in to most boxes purely for space purposes but the more you can keep like items in a box and label that box well, the better. You can even go as far as an inventory list for each box but that is definitely not required.
  2. Start early. The worst thing to have happen during a move is to realize last minute that you need another box or that you have forgotten to pack an entire cabinet in the kitchen. If you start early, then you will be better able to plan out what goes in each box and make emergency runs for more boxes, tape or bubble wrap without getting too stressed.
  3. Decide what you want to accomplish. My husband prefers to take breaks during a move and I could go all day without eating if it meant getting done the fastest. Have a conversation before you start the move so that you are on the same page or at least can expect what the other person will be wanting during the move process. It will save you some unnecessary fighting, I promise!
  4. Purge before you pack. You do not want to pack (and pay to move) a ton of stuff that you are going to get rid of anyways. Take moving as an opportunity to do some cleaning, donating and throwing out of things that are old, no longer used or completely ruined.
  5. Accept that things could break or get lost. The moving process can be a difficult one, especially in regards to keeping things safe. All the bubble wrap in the world won’t necessarily save you from some broken items. Additionally, there may be items that you know you packed that will somehow have disappeared in to a black hole during the move. This happens to everyone and the sooner you expect it, the happier you will be when you find that all your glasses are still intact.
  6. Make sure to celebrate afterwards. Moving is very stressful no matter how well you plan. That is why my husband and I make a point to call it quits sometime and go out for dinner (or order in). Transporting your lives to a new place comes with a lot of emotions and challenges so that is why we like to step back and celebrate the new chapter in our lives. We (and I am speaking for my husband here) would recommend this to anyone.

What are your best moving tips?

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