The Paper Anniversary


My husband and I are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary this weekend (technically tomorrow). I was so excited to figure out what “gift” we would be giving each other, and was especially eager to keep up the anniversary traditions. That is, until I learned it was the paper anniversary. Paper? Like a book? Now I love paper things (especially paper books) but as the gift to give my husband on our one year anniversary…not so much.

After a momentary state of disappointment, we decided to pick up our creative hats and do some brainstorming. The paper anniversary, to us, seemed lackluster but soon we realized that there were some amazing ideas if we were willing to go a little outside the box.

So what did we choose, you ask?

1. One Year Anniversary Photos

We are teaming up with a local photographer to get some great shots in downtown OKC with a specific outfit included in the mix. We are doing photos in our wedding attire as a more casual and fun look than our wedding photos (which were very fun but not as casual!). We will also be doing some more simple outfits but we are very excited for the photos (which will be printed on photo paper) to come out!

2. Framing our vows

We wrote our vows so this one may not work for everyone but if you wrote your vows it could be a good gift option. Over the course of our relationship, my husband and I have written each other love letters on specific paper. All the letters are the paper we each chose to use at the beginning of our relationship. We are now going to write out our vows on that same paper, to match our love letters, and frame them in matching frames. This way we can always be reminded of our vows and our very special one year anniversary.

Pictures to follow!

What paper anniversary gifts have you done?

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