The Paper Anniversary (Part 2 – Results)


Our paper anniversary was a beautiful success. We started it off with a magical photo shoot in OKC (we found a lot of random buildings and walls throughout the city) and finished the shoot off in Lake Arcadia where we sported our wedding gear one more time. (Woohoo it still fits!)


That kicked off the start of our paper anniversary with some photo prints that are being worked on by the amazingly talented Laura Vanderzee.

The next day, Saturday, was our actual anniversary and we started the day off simple and slow, complete with some house projects. (Sorry Nick, the curtain rods needed to go up sometime.) We then whisked ourselves away to the Colcord Hotel for a little staycation where we primped ourselves for a delicious meal at Vast, which is atop the Devon Tower. I would say the water features were almost as impressive as the food if you can believe it! We had a wonderful time and got spoiled with a treat from the kitchen. (Too bad I can’t eat gluten-full cake anymore.)


The day was magical and we are still working on the final touches of our written vows as the last piece of our paper anniversary puzzle. More pictures and a post to come as we work on that!

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