Staying healthy while on a (work) trip


I just came back from an office retreat to the Chickasaw Hotel & Conference Center here in Oklahoma. While there, it was a struggle, as it is on almost any vacation or trip (other than a yoga retreat probably), to stay healthy. While I can guarantee that I did not eat the way I would have wanted and did not work out as much as I had wanted, I did develop some ideas of how to better plan to be healthy and improvements on what I did to be healthy.

1. Ask for healthy snacks!

Someone is likely in charge of snacks. Figure out who that person is and/or if they reach out for snack ideas ask for high quality snacks. If it’s an issue, bring your own!

2. Find time to exercise

Take some time for yourself (even if you are wanting to hang out with the group or go to sleep) and do at least thirty minutes of exercise. This can be a run around the facility, some time in the pool of a yoga video in your room.

3. Get the restaurant list ahead of time

This is not always possible but will help you prepare yourself for questions regarding substitutions for a meal or figuring out the healthy options. (And if there are no healthy options, it can help you be sure you are extra healthy during the rest of the day/trip!)

4. Be mindful of your health before you leave and when you return

Some things, like food you don’t particularly like and limited time to exercise, are most likely going to be unavoidable. If you prepare yourself by being thoughtful about the amount of time you exercise and what you eat ahead of time and once you get back, any damage done will be lessened.

What are your trip tips for staying healthy?

One Reply to “Staying healthy while on a (work) trip”

  1. My tips: don’t overdo it with alcohol or dessert. Drink plenty of water. Be open to new things and realize that a few meals that are sub-par will not cause any long-term damage. Don’t beat yourself up. 🙂

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