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I am definitely not, by definition, a coffee snob. I have a drip coffee machine and have had to succumb to the dreaded pre-ground coffee these last few weeks as we settled in to our new home. But I do have a deep appreciation for genuinely delicious coffee. As one of my previous supervisors (and a good friend), Rob Boldt, would say: “Do you want to eat a brown avocado or a fresh, delicious green avocado?” Well…I have to say that brown avocado grosses me out. So I guess that answers that question.

Now that I have left Los Angeles, home of some of the greatest coffee I’ve had, I am challenged to find something that will rival coffee roasters like Intelligentsia. Luckily, Oklahoma City is a delightful hub of the hipster coffee roasters that I loved so dearly in California. Here are the gems that I’ve found.

1. Elemental

Anyone in Oklahoma City who likes coffee should know about Elemental. If you don’t, I’m happy to let you know that, unless your favorite coffee spot roasts their own beans, they likely use Elemental coffee. We recently go their Vaquero coffee beans and they are absolutely amazing. As my husband says, “If it still tastes good once the coffee has gotten cold then it’s a winner in my book.” We first visited Elemental back when we had first started dating and now buy beans there whenever we can! (Also, if you have a Keep It Local card then you get a free coffee when you buy a bag of beans.)

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2. Evoke

Evoke is located in Edmond, Oklahoma and uses Elemental beans. It is on the main street in Edmond and has such an adorable (or rather modern, industrial) look to it. There is also a road bike group that meets there to ride every Saturday morning, if you are interested!

3. Gray Owl Coffee

Gray Owl Coffee is located in Norman, Oklahoma and we are not sure what beans they use but they are delicious! (Possibly better than Elemental but don’t tell them I said that.) There are vintage bicycles, chairs, etc. all over the place and is the perfect place to study if you need to get out of the library.

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There are many others that we have enjoyed but these are our favorites! What are your favorite coffee shops?


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  1. There was an article that listed the best coffee shops in each state, and Elemental in OKC won for the whole state! That being said, I think Coffee Slingers in OKC is at least as good if not better! Maybe they use Elemental beans, I’m not sure. If you want a funky location and a vegetarian breakfast to go with your coffee, try Red Cup in OKC. It’s a hangout for all of the wannabe hippies or those who never got past that phase! If you’re more into theology and intellectual debate, check out Credo House Coffee Shop in Edmond (but very close to the OKC border). I love their interior as well as their Tuesday night discussions. I have to say, OKC and possibly Norman too, have a plethora of fantastic coffee shops, which was a pleasant surprise to me!

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