Sitting is Killing You


I have definitely succeeded at researching enough articles regarding the disadvantages of sitting vs the benefits of standing and how to be more productive with the hours in my day. I am now re-targeted with so many articles regarding these things that I can barely keep up. And, of course, I read every single one. So what have I learned from all my research? That I might legitimately be doing a lot of things poorly if I want to stay healthy, active and supportive of my body. There are some key takeaways from all of these articles that I am hoping to implement. I hope this can be inspiring for you too!

  1. Consider waking up earlier – Especially if you are a morning person, winning back an extra hour or two of your most productive time is huge. Read more at:                                                                                             
  2. Figure out why you are tired all the time and make some significant changes – Test various things to see what is or is not working for you. For example, you might not be drinking enough water so start tracking how much you drink and increase it. If you begin to feel rejuvenated, then this could be the cause of your exhaustion. If not, then you are at least better hydrated 🙂 Read more at:                                                                                             
  3. Don’t let your commute destroy your life – I commute roughly two hours a day (which is two more hours of sitting…I’ll talk more about this later) and often the things that have to be sacrificed are sleep and exercise. Which are basically the worst things to sacrifice on a daily basis. So when you have less hours of the day to work with it is even more important to get the important things in. Read more at:                                                                                                                                                     
  4. Sitting could be killing you – It’s at least not doing anything good for you. Our society has had a massive transition to a sedentary lifestyle that transcends work, commuting and home life. And this lifestyle is a whole lot of disaster waiting to happen. And you know what I realized through reading this. I honestly sit about as much as the average person which is bad. So I’m working on building a standing desk to at least assist in my “at work” sitting time. Read more at: 

While these life lesson are helpful to learn, my goal now is to implement. I’ll be posting soon about what I will be implementing because friends and family are the greatest accountability partners!

What can you do today to make a healthier lifestyle change?

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