Married to Grad School (Part 1 of many)

Wednesdays are my least favorite day of the week. At least for this semester. Wednesdays are the nights Nick has lab until about 9:15/9:30pm which means that I get home at 6:00pm and try to fill my evening with as much as possible to make it to the time that Nick needs to be picked up. Then, once I get that text message, I get Nick, bring him home and prepare a plate of very late dinner. Those few moments are about all we get to spend together on Wednesdays before we race to bed and crash in to a deep sleep only to be woken up by a sharp alarm on Thursday mornings.

Graduate school and marriage are two things that don’t generally seem to go well together. In fact, there is about a 50% divorce rate for those who are married and where one member is in graduate school. In other words, you have a 50/50 change, statistically, to make it through graduate school as a married couple. So there will likely be many more “Wednesday nights” in our graduate school experience. It’ll take a lot of prayer and a lot of intention with making our marriage the priority and not marrying graduate school. Because when did grad school send you flowers?

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