Married to Grad School: Blessings (Part 4)

I want to provide a disclaimer to this series. It is meant to represent a true and honest challenge that plagues graduate school marriages. There are so many good things that also come with this kind of experience, I promise it is not all a pity party. More importantly, Nick and I are doing very well. We approached this process as realistically as we could and have reevaluated and strategized with each twist and turn. But I wouldn’t have agreed to do graduate school with just anyone and a HUGE part of making it through successfully is the kind of partner you have. And I have an amazing partner in my husband. So, I want to highlight the many incredible blessings we have through this process:

1. Our family – We moved to a place where we have family very close by. That means we had eager helpers for our move, people to lean on and support that you can only find in family.

2. Our friends – We have amazing friends and specifically friends who have gone through grad school before. They have experience in this process and that knowledge is irreplaceable and impactful.

3. Nick’s grad program – Nick has been blessed with a cohort that supports and encourages him and a professor who challenges him to do his best work. His professor’s wife has specifically been supportive and realistic to me about the grad school process.

4. My work – I have some incredible friends and brothers and sisters in Christ through my position. They are supportive and understanding of the situation we are in AND also had experience with graduate school so it kills two birds with one stone a lot.

5. Our church- We found an outstanding church where we are constantly poured in to by the pastor. We could not be more blessed by that environment and how it supports us already.

There are so many ways we are blessed and these are just some. We are ready and able to make it successfully through grad school and accept the reality of this change in our life. But we have great support around us and in our marriage and that is the secret to what we believe will be our success.

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