The Holiday Gift Guide You’ve Always Wanted

The holidays can be expensive and difficult when it comes to gift giving. You don’t want to leave anyone out but you don’t want to use your whole savings either. So how do you give gifts to everyone on your list while keeping your savings intact?

Here are my ideas and favorites!


1. Buy something from one of your friends – Most likely, you know someone who sells a product. (Chloe & Isabel for example!) The holidays usually come with lots of deals and it is a great time to support your friends. If you’d like to shop Chloe & Isabel, you can get 25% off with FFHOL14 but this deal only lasts until tomorrow! 

2. Homemade Pumpkin Butter – I made this last year using a recipe from the The Celebration Shoppe (they have printable labels too!). This was delicious, the recipe made a TON and the labels were perfect. I just taped them right on to the lid of a mason jar and it was a perfect, sentimental gift.

3. Homemade Bath Scrub – I am still planning on making an Etsy business with bath scrubs because they were so easy and SUCH big hit. You can look online for the basic recipe and then add in the flavors you want. My favorite combos are Lavender Coconut, Rosemary Lavender, Rosemary Thyme. You can also use citrus and other spices which could be great as well!

4. Homemade Treats/Candy – Brittles, toffee, truffles, bonbons…all of these are great items to make and package up for gifts to coworkers or acquaintances. They usually make a large number which is great for larger groups. I am planning to make peanut brittle and/or toffee and will be sure to report on how that goes!

5. Homemade Olive Oil – I have not tried this out yet but see it a lot and am excited to test it this year. If you’ve tried this, I’d love to hear about what you did!


6. Chalkboard Something – Chalkboard is IN and you can grab a cheap frame, mirror, stem wine glasses or something of that nature and paint it with chalkboard paint to add a special touch to unique gift idea!

7. Homemade Potpourri – This makes a lot of delicious smells and can be a lovely gift for someone to have in their home during the holidays.

8. Embroidery – If you happen to be skilled with embroidery (or just want to learn) putting a monogram on napkins or a handkerchief can be a sweet gift and likely something no one else will get them!

9. Homemade Coasters or Ornaments – You can do a lot of creative things with mosaics, wood and paint. You can turn something in to a set of coasters with some paint, a sealant or a wood burning kit. You can also fill clear ornaments with fun items that will add something special to your friend’s Christmas tree.

10. For the extremely picky person, one of the best gift options is simply donating to an organization or cause they care about. Be sure the donation is in honor of the person you are donating for and it will surely make them feel special this holiday season!

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