Our First Week as Pet Owners

Last weekend, we adopted an adorable Orange Tabby we’ve named Rosie (after Rosalind Franklin). We’ve now been pet owners for just about a week and here are the things we’ve learned:

  • Kitties do NOT like being put in the take-home boxes that they give you. We would recommend getting a kitty carrier ahead of time.
  • Kitties are active at odd times. Like 4:00am. You have been warned.
  • You may find your cat at very odd and unexpected heights. Ours managed her way on top of the shower doors.
  • No matter what scent of Febreze you get, kitty poop just smells bad at first.
  • You will lose territory in your bed that you previously had.
  • You will be snuggled to death and it will be delightful.

We love having our new kitty and are even more proud that we were able to adopt her from the animal shelter, which we would recommend to anyone looking for a new animal. It makes giving her a good home that much more special.

10846395_10203859715917266_5084787062787756327_n 10849721_10203862318582331_1967009054939749072_n 10849914_10203884320532366_2663321229876366449_n

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