Our meal plan: January 4-10, 2015

We are getting back to work and back into our system. With that said, we are back to regular eating and meal planning as well! Here is the plan:

Sunday – Mom’s Enchiladas

My mom gave us this recipe. It is easy, cheap and makes a TON of food. It’s a simple enchilada recipe: Warm some refried beans, cook up some chicken and/or pepper and onion mix and warm some enchilada sauce. Grate some cheese and then assemble your enchiladas. [Take one tortilla. Spread a little refried beans on it, about 2 tbsp. Top with some chicken and/or pepper and onion, a tsp. of enchilada sauce and some cheese. Roll and place in an 8X10 pan or something comparable. Top with the remaining enchilada sauce and cheese. Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 20-25 minutes.] You can eat this as its own dish or add something else as a side, your choice!

Monday – We are eating out!

Tuesday – Lentil Salad

This week’s lentil salad is all about my mom’s cookbook, coming to a store near you in the next year (fingers crossed!). You can learn more about it by signing up for my mom’s blog at http://www.bobbimullins.com. We are giving sneak peeks at the cookbook with some recipes to excite your palate. This one should make it in, so keep your eyes peeled!

Wednesday – Pesto Pasta

We highlighted this recipe last time and it features a Tuscan Bean Sauce that we fashioned to add more protein to our pasta. We blend white beans with a dash of water, olive oil and about 1/4-1/3 cup pesto. If you have fresh basil add it in as well! It is delicious and we pair it with a favorite vegetable (this week we chose Tuscan Kale, also known as Lacinto or Black Kale). Cook up your favorite pasta and serve all items combined for a delicious and very filling meal.

Thursday – Potage Soup

We are stealing this one from our Slow Cooker book. You could probably cook this on the stovetop as well but we will be doing it low and slow in the Crockpot while I have class until 9:30 :/ It’s SO simple. The ingredients include: Carrots, Leeks, Potatoes, Salt, Pepper and Water or Broth. Brilliant. We’ll report back on how it is.

Friday – GF Quiche

Another cookbook recipe is a Crustless Quiche using kale and it is delicious! We are going to be trying it out with a sweet potato crust and some fun cheeses. Using sweet potato slices is so simple and healthy, I don’t think we will ever go back to another kind of crust. All you need to do is slice the sweet potato thinly and layer in to a dish (we used a pie dish). Cook on 400 for about 15 minutes and then fill your quiche with everything delicious (like our kale quiche!). It’s an easy and delicious meal.

Saturday – Lentil and Rice Tacos

We will be brining out the Crockpot again to try out this recipe, found on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/132715520242884192/. This will help us use leftover lentils from the salad earlier in the week and be a scrumptious dish. We are looking forward to it! (And to making some space in our pantry.)

We hope you enjoy and are able to find some meal inspiration of your own this week!

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