A 4:45am life change

I might regret communicating this in public later. But I definitely want to keep myself accountable and this could be the best way to do that. I need to start working out. I mean, you don’t just ride 190 miles without training right?! But when can you exercise?! I don’t have the time, at least not all the time I need during current waking hours. So starting next week, I am going to wake up at 4:45am. This will be for the purpose of getting my body in a routine of always waking up then so that I can actually wake up for 5:30am exercise classes so that I can get my training in. If I don’t have training that I need to do, then I’ll use that time to take care of things that I was not able to get to or spend time with God (one of my focuses for my month of minimalism!). So here’s to this challenge, wish me luck!


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