The first week recap: it was a struggle

I would love to have lots of amazing things to say about the success of my grandiose plans for getting up early, exercising and focusing on minimalism. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a wild success on my part. Last week, I joined the YMCA in Norman but haven’t gone yet. (Boo.) I was able to get up early while at a leadership conference on Saturday and bike six miles but have not been able to pull it together very much other than that. I do have my alarm set for 5:00am (I’m working towards 4:45am) but moving from bed has been a challenge. Part of this challenge is due to school work and catching up from being out of town last weekend. It’s not an excuse (or at least not meant to be) but it has not made it easy to wake up early and be productive!

This week, my mom sent this from her daily devotional. It was not meant as an encouragement for my ride but was an encouragement nonetheless!

“The LORD grants success to the one whose behavior he finds commendable.

Even if he trips, he will not fall headlong, for the LORD holds his hand.”

So, while I may not have worked out as much as I would have liked, gotten up when I wanted to get up, I am encouraged that I will be successful in my training and in my ride! As always, you can keep track of my ride, fundraising accomplishments and donate at And tomorrow, I will be spending the early morning hours in a cycling class!

Thanks for the support!

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