Spring Trends: Bright Brights and Colorful Colors

Spring time is here! While the random snow storm in Oklahoma may not make it seem like spring is around the corner, I promise that at least in fashion, it is. And this spring the trend is not just bright and playful colors. No, my predictions is that this spring the trend is: bright brights. What does that mean? Can you get brighter than J.Crew citron lime and poppy? Yes, you can and it is in the way you style things.

Today, I gave myself a first taste of this trend with some staples from my wardrobe (no spending required). I found monochromatic brights and paired them together for a strong, seasonal POP!

image1Today I am sporting a red/pink look that I’ve broken up with true neutrals like silver and black. These soften the bold colors in a beautiful way. I can’t wait to see more fun and bright pairings come together for this season. Here are the items I’ve got my eye on for this bright and colorful trend:

1. J.Crew – Cropped Patio Trouser in California Poppy – Beautiful color, comfortable fit and a taste of home (California). These pants have everything I am wanting in trousers for the spring.

2 . Madewell – Slub V-Neck Pocket Tee (on Sale!) – Spring demands some comfy t-shirts as you begin coasting towards the summer fun season. This amazing (and on sale) t-shirt is available in some amazing brights, including a luxurious royal blue.

3. Loft – Geo Mix Eyelet Tee in Island Aqua – Eyelet is a spring staple and this bright aqua is perfect for a bright spring shirt!

4. TOMS – Suede Women’s Platform Wedges in Blue – TOMS shoes are SO comfortable, I just love them. And this is a fabulous color for the season and a great company.

5. J.Crew Factory – Colored Jeans (in a fun pattern) – I am a BIG fan of colored jeans and these are especially great because they are a super fun pattern! I’d imagine that more jeans like this will be coming down the pipeline this season.

These are my top picks! What are your top springtime items?

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