Eureka! (Springs that is)

As a belated anniversary present to ourselves, we are staying at the Treehouse Resort in Eureka Springs, AR! This town is quaint and adorable, in the middle of the country. We arrived after driving for a few hours to a delightful gift shop complete with tokens you would actually want to keep and show off from your stays. We were welcomed by the lovely office staff and picked out some movies for the evenings when we were cozied up in the treehouse. Our treehouse was marked with our names, welcoming us to our home for the weekend!


Once we got inside, we quickly decided that we could stay here forever. Well, with the exception of the miniature kitchen. The treehouse looks out over pure wilderness with nothing and no one else in sight. We have a bird feeder on the partial wrap-around porch that attracts everything from finches to blue jays. We’ve even had a gorgeous (and plump) wood pecker stop by for a visit. If this wasn’t enough there is a WOOD BURNING fireplace that brought me back to my childhood and reminded me how much I love a good fire. The treehouse is delightful and perfect. We can’t wait to explore the rest of Eureka Springs…after we have our coffee of course.

Did I mention that we somehow selected the only treehouse with a Koi Pond? Wife for the win!




(Yes, this jacuzzi is perched over the edge of the treehouse looking into the forest.

No other jacuzzi will ever be comparable…)




Well, Eureka Springs, we haven’t been here long but I have a sense that we will be back soon!

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