Mother’s Day Moments

Mother’s Day has snuck up on me. I know it is in early May so that’s not the problem. No, the problem is how on earth is is now the last week of April. Wasn’t New Year’s Eve last week?

If you are anything like me and you have found that time has just stumbled along, speeding away before you could even pack your bags, then this Mother’s Day list for you! These gifts are timeless, speak to those special mom moments and are available in a pinch.

1. Jewelry

Not all mom’s like jewelry but I know mine does! (Check out how beautiful she looks sporting the Beau Monde Collar Necklace from Chloe & Isabel!) Chloe & Isabel is having a SALE right now for 25% off using the code: FFSPRING15. If you need a Mother’s Day gift and your mom loves some sparkle, then this is a great gift idea. (P.S. The sale ends April 30 so order soon!)


2. A Digital Frame

We bought this for my mom one year and pre-loaded it with photos of our family. It allows her to add new photos whenever she wants and was an opportunity for us to collect some of our favorite memories for her.

3. Plants

If your mom has a green thumb, like mine!, then a plant could be a great option. If you live nearby, grab one from Home Depot or the local nursery. (Rather, invite your mom to go with you so she can pick something special out!) This is a lovely gift that will last many Mother’s Day reminding your mom of how much you love her.

4. Time

My mom, naturally, doesn’t get to see us now that we have moved away so I try to always find a special time to visit with her. If you are close to your mother, take her out for a hike, a meal, or something fun that you know she would love. Making the time for your mom is very important and especially appreciated for Mother’s Day.

5. Homemade

Making something from scratch is a great way to show your mom that you love her. Putting time into finding something special is a great representation of your appreciation and love. I made homemade body scrub (for Christmas) one year and would recommend that if you mom enjoys a spa experience! You could also make homemade body butter (lotion), a homemade picture frame, an embroidered item, you name it!

Moms pour themselves into their kids so, even if you have let time get away from you, make sure you do something special this Mother’s Day.

I love you Mom! Happy Mother’s Day

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