Training for the Pan-Mass Challenge


Training for the Pan-Mass Challenge 190-mile ride has been underway!


  • I have not yet purchased an actual road bike or helmet so no outside riding yet.
  • I’ve realized it takes a lot of time to bike a long way
  • I have been working at the gym and have also realized that, indeed, my butt will likely be the thing that hurts the most.
  • I’ve biked 15 miles numerous times and comfortably but, as you can imagine, know I need to be biking longer distances.
  • I am about 15% to my fundraising goal:
    • You can donate at to support the Pan-Mass Challenge, the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute! This is a great and worthy cause and 100% of your donation goes to cancer research. If that’s not enough of an incentive, think of the tax break 😉

Goals for May:

  • Begin moving my rides up by 5 miles a week – Next week bike 20 miles!
  • Continue the hunt for a reasonably priced road bike (ha!) and pray that I find a good one
  • Research how to transport a bike via the plane

Thank you for your support of my ride either financially or in prayer! Your support will make an incredible difference in cancer research.

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