How we unintentionally stopped drinking coffee

Disclaimer: We have had coffee occasionally since but not as our main drink of choice!

A few weeks ago our household became infected. The fall flu swept through and took no prisoners. I was sick for ten days and my poor husband caught my cold for six days. If you are anything like us, coffee does not sound great when your sick and is generally not recommended. (Especially the dairy component.) We converted to mainly tea to help with our colds: Lemon Ginger, Throat Coat, and other such teas. This started when I came down with an upper respiratory infection. (I always get sick first.) We quickly moved to just a cup of black tea (English Breakfast mostly) and teas to help with my cold. Then, with my husband getting sick in such quick succession, we just never switched back to coffee.

Now, we have been talking about moving to tea over coffee primarily and just limiting our coffee intake in general. It always seemed like an overwhelming task! How could we possibly operate without coffee?! Well, I guess it is much easier than we thought. So, we wanted to share what we learned about the process.

  1. Limiting a particular food item (whether it is caffeine, sugar, alcohol) is a lot easier than you think. Making the decision to actually change how often you consume it is the hardest part of that equation.
  2. Just because you want to limit something does not mean you need to (or should) go cold turkey! We’ve not make coffee for three weeks but we’ve had coffee during that time. Mostly, it has been in the afternoon when we have had meetings or needed a late afternoon pick-me-up. But, we are not relying on it in the morning like we used to which is important.
  3. Figure out the healthier option! Again, we didn’t go cold turkey on coffee. We have had black tea every morning. It is less caffeine and allows us to move to a cleaner lifestyle.
  4. Sometimes, you just need to not think too hard about it. That’s the biggest lesson. We did this by accident. Maybe there are some “accidents” you can have to bring yourself a little healthier.


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