Preparing for fall – What to do with all those leaves?!

This weekend, we began preparing our garden for fall. This involved harvesting our herbs to dry, gathering up vegetables and enriching our garden beds. We’ve been composting the last few months but have a TON of leaves in our yard. So, we put a layer of what compost we had and then loaded the beds full of our leaf litter. The leaves will decompose of winter leaving some great and rich soil for planting in the spring.

If you are in the same boat and have a lot of leaves, why not prepare your garden to grow amazing things come spring?

One Reply to “Preparing for fall – What to do with all those leaves?!”

  1. I miss having dry leaves for my compost. It’s important to have about half “green” matter, like vegetable scraps, and half dry material like leaves. Since we don’t have many large trees here, and the landscapers scoop up what falls immediately. I buy a compost enhancer that’s formulated for green matter, and it helps. Good luck with your composting!

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