Shift Happens

If you have been following my blog for awhile, then you might remember that time last year when I made the irrational decision to join my friend in the Pan-Mass Challenge. The PMC is a 192 mile ride in Boston with just so many hills. But I finished it!  I’ve got to say though, training was tough and way outside my comfort zone. I mean, I didn’t even own a bike before signing up! That whole process made finishing the ride that much more rewarding. And I was hooked.

This weekend, I got to participate in the Redbud Classic here in Oklahoma City. Since riding the Pan-Mass Challenge, I have had the incredible opportunity to find several co-workers who also love to ride! We ride during lunch sometimes, on the weekends on different trails and are now starting to do distance rides. Despite having trained up to 30 miles, the 50 mile Redbud Classic was still tough. (Stupid overpasses.) Together, our group finished the 50 within 3 hours, which was great for us! I’m so proud of these girls and pumped about all the rides ahead.

“We may have been passed by a tandem but WE DID IT!” – Olivia


Yeah girl, we did!


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