What are your priorities?

What are your priorities? And I don’t mean what do you “say” your priorities are. I mean, what are they actually.

We all have the best of intentions but that doesn’t mean that we are actually able to live those out. You can pretty easily identify what your priorities are by reviewing these three areas of your life: time, money, relationships. By looking at where the bulk of your time, money and relationship energy goes, you can tell a lot about what you prioritize in life.

If you are wondering how to assess your priorities, here are some ideas:

  1. Take a look at your calendar. What is it filled up with? Do you have one area that is taking up a substantial portion of your available time?
  2. Start a budget. Yes, I know that doesn’t sound fun but you might be surprised to see where your money is actually going. When we started a budget, we had no idea we spent as much as we did on food! (And in contrast, how little we were donating or saving.)
  3. Who do you prioritize out of your relationships? Are there friendships you wish you put more energy into? (Or less energy for that matter?) You may realize that you are dedicating your time to the wrong relationships. Figure out who really deserves that energy and focus it there.

Now, you may look at these factors and decide your priorities are right now. That would be great! However, I’d imagine that you will find some areas that are out of alignment with what you are wanting. For us, we had things in all of these areas. We were feeling overwhelmed with obligations that sucked up our time so we got rid of some of those responsibilities. We realized that our finances were out of balance and so we began budgeting and reorganizing where we spent our money. (Specifically, we reorganized so we could be donating at the level we felt called.) We have also assessed our relationships. We each had some friendships that had become one-sided and simply took more effort than they were worth. While we hate losing friends, sometimes it is the best decision.

It is so easy to allow your priorities to be directed by the loudest voice in the room. But it is even more important to be in alignment so that you can have the energy for the most important priorities. If your most important priorities and your loudest priorities are not the same, I would encourage you to spend the time to evaluate and see what changes you can make. Your future self will thank  you!

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