I don’t hate a thing about my body.

Society has for years developed the picture of a perfect woman. Photoshopped images, models who are dangerously thin and women who promote themselves as healthy but also have professionals to help them get there are our picture of what we should be. This image of what a woman is supposed to look like has permeated our culture and has created an idea that women have to live up to an impossible standard. As someone who struggled with an eating disorder, I can especially understand how this standard can be absolutely unreachable.

Almost any time you speak with a woman about her body, there is something that she will note as a dislike or imperfection. I know that I was this way for many years. I could pick apart my body in a moment. I often hear friends and acquaintances say similar things. “My arms are just fat.” “I’ll never have a thigh gap.”

It took many years for me to overcome my eating disorder and it was not without great difficulty. Now that I am in a place of healing and recovery, one thing has become abundantly clear: I don’t hate a thing about my body. Getting to this point took awhile. And I’m not perfect. There are definitely times when I feel bad about myself. But I don’t hate anything. Not anymore.

We are made perfectly as we should be. If you care for yourself and learn to appreciate your body as it is, I can almost guarantee that you will no longer hate your body!

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