Pregnancy Friendly Snacks

I have just started my third trimester (hooray!) and I am ravenous. If you are like me, you could eat every thirty minutes and still feel like you are wanting some snacks. While I try to always have healthy snacks around, I have absolutely given in to some of my less than healthy cravings. After researching, for myself, some great options for a pregnant mama, I wanted to share them with you!

Quick and Easy Snacks

  1. Hard Boiled Eggs – Getting enough protein is SUPER important during pregnancy! Bored with regular hard boiled eggs? Try some Deviled Eggs from Finite Foodie to switch things up.
  2. Salsa/Guacamole and Chips – We are big salsa and guacamole lovers so this snack is right up our alley!
  3. Oatmeal Bars – We came across a recipe for gluten free Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars from Nutritious Eats purely by chance and we LOVE them. They are incredibly easy and quick to make.
  4. Spinach Dip – Every now and then I crave some spinach dip but want to skip out on all the unnecessary calories! SweetAsHoney has created a decadent, dairy free option that is definitely worth trying. You can also substitute the coconut yogurt for Greek yogurt if dairy is not a problem for you!
  5. Fresh Fruit – Honestly could anything be easier?! No recipe required. (If you are bored with regular fruit, try munching on some frozen blueberries or grapes!)
  6. Fresh vegetables with hummus – My favorite veggies to chop up are cucumbers, bell peppers, and carrots but you can easily do whatever you like best!
  7. Avocado Toast – Is this popular right now or what?! All you do to make this is simply toast up some bread and smear some avocado onto it. You can add some salt/pepper, hot sauce or other flavoring if you’d like! I like to top mine with a fried or poached egg for a delicious breakfast option.
  8. Trail Mix – You can obviously buy trail mix at the store but be careful about added sugars! Make sure you read the ingredients and pick one that doesn’t include those delicious M&M’s. You can also make your own trail mix at home by mixing together your favorite nuts/seeds and dried (but not sweetened) fruit.
  9. Kale Chips – This is one of my favorite snacks and it is SO easy! Follow these five steps for the perfect kale chip, courtesy of
  10. Pickle Roll Ups – Anyone who isn’t pregnant (or craving entire jars of pickles regularly) may find this disgusting…like my husband. BUT, I find it delicious. I take a corn tortilla, warm it quickly in the microwave with a slice of cheese on it. Then put a pickle in the middle and roll it up like a little taquito.

Slightly More Complex but Delicious Snacks

  1. Black Bean Dip – While hummus is a delicious snack, it is on the “be careful” list for pregnant mammas due to some recent concerns surrounding food borne illnesses. Try this homemade dip from Finite Foodie as a delicious alternative.
  2. Mini Pepper Nachos – These little nuggets are perfect for a party and also happen to be a deliciously healthy snack from Courtesy Cooking!
  3. Energy Bites – The little bites are perfect snacks to munch on throughout the day that won’t make you feel guilty! Gimme Some Oven has shared a great recipe for these, I just leave out the coconut.
  4. Smoothies – I love smoothies and often eat them for breakfast, but they are also great snacks! My favorite combination is almond butter, almond milk, banana and some vegan protein powder. There are lots of great recipes out there for smoothies though so definitely experiment to find some options that you love. (And don’t forget that you can always freeze the extra for an “ice cream” like treat later on.)
  5. Baked Sweet Potato/Potato with Toppings – This can definitely be more like a meal if your potato is bigger but there are some smaller potatoes out there. If you have gestational diabetes or are at high risk for it, you may want to skip this snack idea. My favorite toppings to add to a baked potato are: black beans, salsa, cheese, and avocado!
  6.  Egg Salad – This is an easy thing to make over the weekend for the week. To make it an easy snack, pair with toast spears or carrots/cucumbers. The recipe from Finite Foodie keeps things like and delicious! If you’d like to substitute the mayo, you can swap in some greek yogurt instead.
  7. Berry Frozen Yogurt – Sometimes, I just want something a little sweet! This recipe from Gimme Delicious Food keeps things healthy but also helps with the sweet tooth.
  8. Crispy Brussel Sprouts – Brussel sprouts are one of my favorite vegetables and the Slender Kitchen has an amazing recipe for some nice and crispy munchies!
  9. Homemade Granola – This doubles as a delicious breakfast option and easy snack! Against All Grain has a fantastic gluten free recipe for granola that you HAVE to try.
  10. Roasted Chickpeas – Sometimes I really, REALLY want some chips and the salt & vinegar roasted chickpeas from Oh She Glows are a perfect substitute.

I hope you will enjoy these snacks during your pregnancy (and even if you are not pregnant)! I’d love to hear what your favorite snack options are.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, registered dietician, nutritionist or other nutrition/health expert. You should always consult a health professional regarding diet recommendations during pregnancy. These snacks are simply ideas based on my own research into foods that have helped me during my own pregnancy. 


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