And the third trimester begins!

I haven’t provided many updates about my pregnancy throughout, partially because we were being very private about it for a long time. (If you are curious about why, check out my announcement post.) Now that we are almost done (10 weeks to go depending on when Baby H decides to make his or her appearance), I wanted to share some of biggest lessons and favorite products during the past two trimesters. (More on the third trimester a little later!)

First Trimester

What did you find most surprising? I was honestly surprised that I didn’t feel worse! All women hear are the horrific stories, which definitely happen, of absolutely miserable first trimesters. But, we don’t really hear about the good stories and the smooth pregnancies. I had a very easy first trimester all things considered and felt good pretty much throughout. (If you are not having a good first trimester, I am sending you lots of love!!)

Did you have morning sickness? Very little. I was definitely nauseous regularly and had food aversions, but very little morning sickness.

Did you have any trouble sleeping? I honestly slept like a ROCK. I was so tired and so I slept quite a bit in the first trimester. I’m glad I did because I can’t say the same for the other trimesters.

What do you wish you had done or known? I wish I had exercised more. I was not in a good routine, although I did exercise, prior to getting pregnant and I was so tired that I just couldn’t do it. I also wish I had done more research on things to ask doctors/hospitals. I have a great doctor, but I kind of lucked out on that! I did not do my homework and really should have.

Favorite Products:

  • BellaBand – This will be a life saver for all three trimesters but was especially helpful toward the end of my first trimester. I didn’t need maternity clothes yet but things were definitely a little uncomfortable. This has stretched my clothes so I could wear things longer and just generally smoothes things out.
  • Perfect Bar – These are delicious and protein packed snacks. Finding good, healthy snacks in the first trimester will help you throughout. (Check out my post on my favorite pregnancy snacks)
  • Books – Depending on what birthing style you are exploring, your book choices will be different. I want a natural, no interventions birth if possible so I tended toward those books. Specifically, I found the Hypnobirthing method very intriguing and enjoyed that book greatly. I also read a lot of books written by midwives and natural pregnancy advocates. Of course, What To Expect When You’re Expecting is a very common book that is FULL of great information.

Second Trimester

What did you find most surprising? I was honestly surprised at how quickly my body got tired and needed to rest. I have always been a busy body and able to do a lot of work when needed. Starting in the second trimester, it became very apparent that even an hour or so of moving things around, housework, etc. could really make me sore and uncomfortable when that would not have been the case before.

When did you start showing? Well, I felt like you could see my bump at like month 4! (My husband graciously agreed with me, but I am sure that it was something only I could see. But thank you for the support honey!) I really popped in month 6 and very quickly moved from being able to hide under baggy clothes to not being able to hide at all, which I was excited about!

Did you have any trouble sleeping? Oh yes, it started. It began with needing to pee more frequently because there is a tiny human in my belly that enjoys sitting on, punching, kicking and generally aggravating my bladder. You are also recommended to sleep on your side, specifically your left. That wasn’t too big of a shift for me but caused some unexpected stiffness that would require some stretching…usually around my midnight potty break.

What did you wish you had done or known? You might start hurting in ways you would never have hurt before. My hips began to scream at me if I was doing too much bending, squatting or generally just overworking. I wasn’t showing much until the end of the second trimester so it wasn’t an issue of having a big tummy, but was really my body telling me to slow down. (And the baby also probably telling me to quit!)

Favorite Products:

  • Argan Oil – There are a lot of great recommendations out there for dealing with stretch marks and dry skin. My lovely mother in law surprised me with some Argan oil and it has been an absolute lifesaver! I’ve also massaged it onto my belly to spend a little quality time with my baby. (Babies that are massaged in utero tend to prefer massages once they are born!)
  • Nursing Bra (Gratlin) – Your boobs will change. That is a given. Instead of buying larger bras or new wireless bras, I just went ahead and got some nursing bras. They don’t have wires and you need them anyways so this can also save you some money!
  • ThredUp – It is expensive to buy maternity clothes and to ensure you have the amount of clothes (especially professional clothes) you need throughout pregnancy. ThredUp is a second hand online clothing store and they sell maternity clothes. This absolutely saved me!



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