Guide to Baby Registry Purchases

I was so excited to create my baby registry and share it with the world…until I started to get some of the gifts. Now, they were all gifts on my registry so it wasn’t that I didn’t want them, they just weren’t what I would consider “high priority”. (I have a sincere appreciation for everyone who generously got us gifts and for helping us welcome Baby H!) If you know someone who is expecting and are buying them a gift (or attending their shower), there are some key things to keep in mind that will make the mom to be especially appreciative!

  1. If they have “Must Have” or “High Priority” items marked on their registry, try to get those first! They may be out of your budget range but if they are not, then buy them up. Your friend has obviously made an effort to note that those are the items she wants most so don’t buy something else if those items are still free.
  2. Think practically about what they will need when. I put several items on my registry so I could get the registry discount/have the information stored somewhere so I wouldn’t forget about it later. But I didn’t need them when Baby H was a newborn. There are a number of things that aren’t needed until a month, six months or even a year into the baby’s life. Think through what your friend needs right away before buying them something they’ll have to store for a year (and probably will ultimately not want by the time they need it).
  3. Gift cards are king! If you don’t know what to get or want your friend to determine what she needs most, a gift card is the way to go. You can always get a cute little swaddle or onesie so she has something to open along with the gift card.
  4. Pay attention to what they are asking for. If there is a registry, shop off of it. If you know the colors of the nursery, coordinate with them. Don’t try and force your style on your friend, pick something she will actually enjoy.
  5. Buy up any multiples. This is a practice my husband and I have for wedding registries. If we see that half the towels have been bought, we buy up the rest. No one likes having to fill out a set with those precious gift cards! If someone has requested multiples of something on their registry, try to complete those if possible.

Now mammas, there are some things you can do to help your friends buy the gifts you want most!

  1. Go through and designate “Must Haves” or “High Priority” items. This can (or at least should) help your friends in their purchasing process.
  2. Don’t add extraneous things. People LOVE to buy little trinkets and onesies that you definitely don’t need right away. If you can make those private, do so. If you can leave them off, do that. If you want them on your registry, at least make a note that those are a low priority.
  3. Add notes to your guests on your registries! This is a great spot for you to specify nursery colors, if you would prefer a gift card, if you want your guests to focus on certain things, etc.. And, of course, don’t forget to include a little thank you!
  4. Get your registry done early if you can. This will help alleviate your stress and allow your guests plenty of time to peruse your registry. This will also provide you with some necessary editing time.
  5. Don’t get too distracted by all the cute things. There are so many adorable items out there for baby but you need to focus on what is most needed. A newborn needs very little ultimately and so you can really refine and trim your list to reflect your needs, rather than your wants.

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