The Waiting Game

If you are nearing the end of your pregnancy (like I am), then you are probably pretty anxious for the baby to arrive! While very exciting, this stage of pregnancy is also a little excruciating. If you are like me at all, my patience is a little maxed out. It can be difficult to focus on the important things during this time. If you are waiting for baby to arrive and need some ideas on how to distract yourself, try these options:

  1. Spend time with your spouse/partner – In a few days/weeks, it will no longer be just the two of you. Embrace this time and spend it with each other. Go out and do things that you love to do together. Setting your relationship up to be strong and stable during your upcoming life change is critical.
  2. Spend time relaxing – It might be hard right now, and a little uncomfortable, but find ways to relax. This can be going for a nice walk, taking a warm (not too hot) bath, just taking a moment to sit down and enjoy a cup of (decaf) coffee, or something else that you find relaxing.
  3. Tie up loose ends – These last few weeks pre-baby are a great time to make sure everything is squared away with your maternity leave, that the nursery is ready, that the house is cleaned and that the freezer is stocked. You probably also have some extra nesting energy so this is a great way to focus it!
  4. See your friends – Similarly to spending time with your spouse/partner, you will, very shortly, have less time to invest in your friendships. Make time to visit with your friends and do some things that you enjoy doing together!
  5. Pamper yourself – Think about what makes you feel pampered. Whether its a massage, getting your nails done, or something else, you deserve some time to pamper yourself. Once baby arrives, you will have a little human who is entirely dependent on you. Take the time now to invest in yourself.

This is such a special time full of anticipation and excitement! Find the positives and embrace the situation over the next few days/weeks.

What would you add to this list?

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