Favorite Sales for New Moms!

Okay new mamma, if you are like me you are dealing with at least one of the following:
A) There are SO MANY cute baby clothes, I could spend a literal fortune on them. (Even though he would probably poop all over them.)
B) My clothes are definitely not fitting the same yet and having appropriate nursing options is a real challenge. (Who knew that normal clothes were basically impossible to nurse in unless you undress…)
C) I’d like to spoil myself a little bit too! (But I kind of feel like I can’t spend any money on myself…anyone know of a place for free manicures??)
D) My child is a growing machine and definitely doesn’t feel like following standard clothing sizes. (Sad day for all those cute clothes he won’t get to wear because he is too long for footie onesies.)

Well, if you are feeling like you relate to any of these, there are still some great Labor Day weekend sales that can work for you!

  1. Carters – They are having a 50% sale on the entire site PLUS 40% off clearance. I’m stocking up on some winter staples for my little guy!
  2. J.Crew – When I want to spoil myself with clothing, I shop at J.Crew. They are running a 30% off sale with the code YESPLEASE, but it ends today! My favorite items are this turtleneck sweaterthis quilted vest, and this wool topcoat.
  3. Sarah Beth Yoga – Okay, so this isn’t a “sale” per se but I love Sarah Beth’s yoga practices and she is launching a membership group. You can get a discounted Founder’s Rate if you sign up, but the offer is expiring in just a few days!
  4. Roolee – They are having a Labor Day clearance sale and have the CUTEST mom clothes that are functional for nursing/pumping. Even though I know that I will eventually fit into my regular clothes again, having nursing friendly options is an absolute must.

Regardless of whether or not you are taking advantage of any labor day sales for yourself or baby, I hope you are getting some great quality family time and some much deserved rest today!

With love,


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