My Postpartum Journey: Week 7

This is my first update for my postpartum journey because…life. Our wonderful son arrived mid-July and we moved halfway across the country to Philadelphia about a week and a half later. It was chaotic to say the least! In the last seven weeks, focusing on me was secondary. We were adjusting to being parents, packing our house up, moving everything into our new apartment, visiting with tons of family and friends in addition to my husband starting his PhD program. (Oh, and I have been job hunting too!) This post will catalogue a quick update on where I am currently in my postpartum journey.

Week 7 Postpartum Update

Pre-Pregnancy Weight: About 115lbs
Week 40 Pregnancy Weight: 145lbs
Week 6 Postpartum Weight: About 125lbs (We don’t have a scale at home so this is the approximate weight from my six week appointment at the doctor!)

Are you healed from the birth? I had a vaginal delivery and ended up getting some stitches. The first two weeks were excruciating. I struggled to get up and down from my seat and relied heavily on my donut pillow. I was also still bleeding quite a bit. Starting at around the third week, things started to improve! What took the longest to heal was my tailbone. It was sore for a LONG time. At this point, I feel almost completely healed from the stitches, my tailbone feels back to normal and I am no longer bleeding. (Note: I did not wear a girdle, but they can be helpful for some to help shorten the bleeding time!)

How are you sleeping? Little man is sleeping in 2-4 hour stretches overnight. Our “night” ranges from about 6:30pm to 6:30am depending on the night and how he slept throughout the day. We are doing pretty well with sleep. It is really only rough when he wakes up in the middle of our REM cycles.

What are you eating? So, first of all, I’m breastfeeding, which is burning a lot of extra calories! Needless to say, I am hungry pretty much all the time. On a daily basis, I eat something like this:

Breakfast Options: Eggs and Toast, Pancakes with blueberries and syrup, Waffles with peanut butter
Lunch Options: (I really struggle with lunch. It is my least favorite meal of the day.) Vegetable Curry with Rice, Vegetable Quiche, Quinoa Salad
Snack Options: Lara Bar, Trail Mix, Apple with Peanut Butter
Dinner Options: Baked Sweet Potatoes, Tamale Casserole, Pad Thai, Burrito Bowl

One of the biggest factors that has impacted my eating choices has been our little man’s sensitivity to dairy. He was having some issues with spitting up and having a lot of gas, so I started to eliminate some things that could be bothering him. So far, it seems that gassy vegetables (cauliflower, for example), dairy (due to the casein), and excess caffeine are the biggest culprits for him. It hasn’t totally fixed the issue, but it is a sacrifice I’m definitely willing to make! I’ve also noticed that anything that bothers me (i.e. gluten) seems to also end up bothering him some. So, I am also making sure I’m careful about things I already know can upset my digestive system.

Are you exercising? Right now, I’m trying to get out and walk with little man a few times a week. I just started to do some Pilates videos. I wish I had started stretching a little earlier but my tailbone made it uncomfortable. I’ve recently signed up for some online fitness programs to inspire me to get started! Thankfully, I don’t think I have diastasis recti. (If you do have this, check out the MuTu System!) I’ve been able to do some abdominal exercises comfortably. I’m VERY tight, especially in my back, due to nursing and carrying our little man during the day. I also spend a good amount of time sitting right now and so I am trying to counteract that with some stretching and targeted exercises.

How are you and the hubby doing? Things have been going well, but that is largely because I have such an amazing husband. He was able to stay home with us for several weeks, which was incredibly helpful. It also gave him an amazing opportunity to bond with our little boy. We’ve got an anniversary and my birthday that are on hold for celebrating right now, but we are committed to going out for a special night as soon as we (me) are ready! Unfortunately, little man isn’t into the bottle (he only likes the good stuff), so that has made it a little more challenging to steal time for ourselves. My husband has been so great at encouraging me and complimenting me throughout the last seven weeks. He’s always telling me how beautiful I am and how great of a mom I am. I don’t always believe him (especially about the beautiful part), but I am so grateful for his encouraging words.

What are your favorite products so far? I wrote about my survival items in a recent blog post. In addition to those items, I am loving Bamboobies (get some day time, night time and disposable’re welcome) and these H&M Nursing Tank Tops (they are on sale too!). Making sure I am easily able to nurse without having to undress has been super important. Also, milk leakage is real and it is no fun to wake up and realize that your shirt is soaked through. (You can’t blame that on the baby!)

Any recommendations to new moms? Honestly, I think the big thing I wish I had done earlier on was to get up and move! It can feel like you have no time and energy, but you do, I promise. Put the baby in a wrap and take care of some things around the house. (I love my Solly Baby wrap.) If your baby is fussy and you are tired of bouncing him, do some squats. Instead of watching every season of Project Runway that is available on Hulu (guilty), grab some books to read. If you don’t have energy for a walk outside, take some time to at least sit outside. The baby will probably love it and the fresh air is good for you! And, most importantly, steal some time for yourself. If you want to do a quick workout video, go for a walk or visit with a friend, commit to doing it during one of baby’s naps or once your significant other gets home. You will feel so much better!

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