My Postpartum Journey: Week 8

Hello friends!

Today, I am sharing my week eight update on my postpartum journey. I recently shared my perspective on breastfeeding and hope you’ll check it out! This week, our little guy has been having a growth spurt and is working through not wanting to go to sleep easily. (An overtired baby is not fun!) The two month mark is when a lot of transitions can peak for baby. It is also when any colicky behavior can peak. It is also when your baby can start sleeping for longer stretches at night, which can be very nice! (But remember that “sleeping through the night” is considered a five hour stretch.)

If you are heading into week eight of your postpartum journey, I hope you are feeling good and are finding your new normal!

Week 8 Postpartum Journey

How are you sleeping? Our little guy has started to struggle to go back to sleep a little bit and has been fighting some naps. This seems to be largely related to the fact that he is having a lot more stimulation. It seems hard for him to start relaxing and so he really fights to stay awake. We’ve had to work hard to eliminate as many distractions as possible even during the daytime. During the day, we also let him sleep in some more irregular ways. (He falls asleep when in his Solly wrap pretty well on walks so we make sure to take one a day for my own health and so he can get a nap.) Once he is asleep at night, he sleeps pretty well, but getting there can be a little challenging these days!

What does a typical day look like for you? Well, I can assure you that we are not on any kind of TRUE schedule right now. We have a semblance of a schedule, but we are still at the mercy of little man’s sleep rhythm. We generally try to follow the Eat Play Sleep timeline during the day. But, here is a general idea of our schedule. Please know this is definitely not an every day thing though!

6:00-7:00am Wake Up and Eat
7:00-8:30am Play and Engage (Look for sleepy cues)
By 8:30am Sleep
10:00-11:00am Wake Up and Eat
10:30-12:30pm Play and Engage (Look for sleepy cues) –> This is usually when we go for our walk outside, weather permitting! If we are on a walk, little man usually catches a cat nap.
By 1:00pm Sleep
2:30-3:30pm Wake Up and Eat
3:00-4:00pm Play and Engage (Look for sleepy cues)
By 4:30pm Sleep
Wake up no later than 6:30pm so we can do his bedtime routine by 7:30pm at the very latest
By 8:00pm Sleep
11:30pm-12:00am Wake Up and Eat, Go back to sleep as quickly as possible
3:00am-4:00am Wake Up and Eat, Go back to sleep as quickly as possible
–> Begin the next day!

How is exercising going? It is going pretty well! Now that I am all healed, it is so much easier to get out and move. As mentioned above, I try to go on a walk with my little guy every day, weather permitting. We walk for about a mile right now, but I’ve been lengthening it every day. I am also a member of The Balanced Life Sisterhood and have been doing the Back to Mat Challenge this week. (Robin has a ton of online YouTube videos including a mini series for postpartum moms.) Also, one of the ways you can play with your little one when they are under three months is to do different movements. One of the movements you can do is a squat! So, when little man is feeling fussy, but not ready to sleep, I do a variety of squats. This is helpful for my exercise routine and seems to calm him down pretty well!

How are you and the hubby? We are continuing to adjust to our new schedule. The evenings have been pretty busy with little man’s resistance to sleep. We are aware that we need to prioritize time with each other, but it has definitely been a challenge! We are looking forward to getting our little guy on more of a schedule and used to a bottle. In addition to this, my  husband is working hard at getting in a rhythm with school. If you thought being married in graduate school was tough…being married with a baby has got to be harder!

Any new developments with the baby? Our little guy took the bottle pretty well this week, which was both exciting and really sad. (As much as I am looking forward to some increased flexibility with the bottle, I’m a little sad that he won’t be relying on me.) He is doing pretty well at tummy time and is enjoying a lot of play time! He especially loves his little play mat (complete with farm animals), dancing to oldies music with his mama, and spending time outside.



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