My Postpartum Journey: Week 9

Well our little bundle of joy is two months old and is so much fun! He’s engaging with us and everything else a lot more frequently, which is both great and challenging. He has been struggling to fall asleep during the day and needs to be in an extremely low stimulation environment to do so without becoming overtired. We are improving in our ability to catch his sleep cues earlier on, and that is helping a lot.

How is exercising going? Things are going well! We are still enjoying our daily walks although the little man doesn’t sleep during them as much as he used to. I’ve also been doing Pilates through the Balanced Life Sisterhood. (Enrollment for the sisterhood is open but only until today! You can sign up using my referral link: I highly recommend the program!) Between walking each day, doing Pilates for at least 10 minutes a day and bouncing our baby boy throughout the day, I’m feeling pretty good!

Are you doing any sleep training? We aren’t doing anything formal because little man is not developmentally ready for full-on sleep training. We do implement the Eat, Play, Sleep process during the day to try and disconnect eating and sleeping. Our little guy does cluster feed at night and sometimes falls asleep during one of those times. We are going to be checking out the book On Becoming Baby Wise, which we have heard great things about. We do try to put the baby down drowsy for his naps, but he has really not taken to that very well the past week.

Are you doing any “out of the home” activities? We are not doing much yet, but that is largely because I have been psyching myself out! We are planning on going to story time at the public library and have some activities planned with a local mom’s group later this month. We also might try a stroller exercise class through Fit4Mom. (They have lots of locations and programs! I’m looking forward to checking them out.) We also found a mom’s group through one of the churches we visited that I may check out. (MOPS groups are also great resources if you are looking for some mom-friendly activities!)

Now that you’ve been a mom for two months, what are your “must have” items? I’ve shared some of my favorite supplies here. This list is more comprehensive. I’d love to hear your “must have” items too!

Basic Items (Note: Affiliate links used)
– Lotus Bassinet and Crib Bundle: This converts from a pack ‘n play to a bassinet. The legs can adjust so the bassinet rocks. It is easy to pack up and travel with, which makes it really convenient. It is a little pricey, but we will use it for years so it is worth it in our mind!
– Boppy Newborn Lounger: When you are exhausted and your back is killing you from holding the baby, this will give you a nice reprieve! It’s a safe and comfortable place to set baby when you need a moment.
– Boppy Nursing Pillow: This pillow provides very helpful support as your are nursing baby and can be used for tummy time and as a little prop for baby to use before he/she can sit up without assistance. This option is bare, but you can get some adorable covers like this and this.
– Hatch Baby Rest: This nifty device serves as a night light, noise machine and ok-wake for when baby is older. There is also an app so you can adjust the light color/brightness and noise sound/loudness. We’ve loved ours and it helps facilitate night nursing and diaper changes.
– Dr. Brown’s Bottles: You will probably want to test out a few different types of bottles to figure out which is best for baby. We chose these because our little guy has had some tummy troubles and these are designed for baby’s with colic.

“Extra” Items
– Solly Baby: I’ve loved our Solly Baby wrap. I use it for our walks every day and it keeps the little guy nice and cozy. He (most of the time) will fall soundly asleep once he is wrapped up. It can get a little warm though so just be careful if using it when it is hotter out.
– Farmyard Play Gym: It is important to provide safe and thoughtful engagement opportunities for baby. This play gym is comfy enough for tummy time and has lots of fun colors/sounds for baby to engage with.
– Owlet Monitor: We chose this monitor even though it is a little expensive because it provides us with information about our son’s heart rate and oxygen level. While this may not be important for everyone, it was very important to us given a previous pregnancy loss. It runs on Bluetooth and has an app as well so you can see how baby is doing from wherever you are! There is no video component though, so you may need a video monitor as well.
– Frog WubbaNub or Elephant WubbaNub: If you choose to use a pacifier, we would recommend these! We have the frog and elephant but you can get all sorts of animals to match your nursery theme. The animal weights it down to help the baby hang on to it.
– SwaddleUp: We just recently got one now that our little man can jailbreak out of a regular swaddle like a champ. We still want him swaddled so that he can be cozy and limit any impact of the startle reflex on his sleep. So far it has helped tremendously with the length of time he sleeps at night!




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