My Postpartum Journey: Week 10

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Every week seems to just fly by with our little guy! I already find myself looking back at old photos from when he was brand new and feeling super sentimental about it. We recently had his two month appointment and he got his second round of vaccines. They were pretty rough, but he was a champ! He is a big guy and is on track with all his milestones. He rocked tummy time at the doctor’s office, which was great timing. I’ve been trying to get out of the house with him more often too. (Building up my confidence there has been a little harder than I would have hoped!)

What do you recommend for nursing moms? Finding the right bra/clothing/covering combination will SAVE you when it comes to nursing in public. I made the mistake of not coordinating the kind of nursing bras I got with the shirts and dresses I got making it difficult to get them to work together. If you aren’t sure how your gear will work together, wear it around the house and spend some time practicing with it so you will feel comfortable once you leave the house. (You can always return some items that are just not working if needed!) My favorite nursing tank tops have been from H&M. I particularly like these (everyone needs basics), these and these. I also found some of my favorite nursing gear there including this shirtthis blouse and this dress (on sale!). Asos also has some great items to make you feel fashionable while being able to nurse with ease! I love this wrap dressthis shirt and this blouseOld Navy also has some fantastic finds like this top and this sweater. I would definitely encourage you to think through your day to day to figure out what sort of items you will actually use regularly and what is most practical for you!

Are there any things you would have done differently knowing what you know now? While I have no regrets, there are definitely some things that I will be keeping in mind to do differently for any future babies!

Sleep: When our little guy was just home from the hospital, he was struggling with day/night confusion. This is incredibly common but I didn’t know much about it. There are some easy strategies you can do to help them adjust that I wish I would have started earlier! (This article has some good information.) I also wish I would have started on some sleep techniques earlier on. Our son is still not at a stage where he can fully handle sleep training, but you can begin implementing techniques and routines that will help as your baby gets older. We started a bedtime routine at about 5 weeks and it has helped immensely in getting a good night of sleep. One thing we did NOT start early enough was putting him down drowsy. We spent a lot of time letting him sleep on us or rocking him until he was fast asleep and that was not necessarily a great idea. He’s much better at falling asleep on his own now, but we do have to help him sometimes. (That is normal as well. It is important to remember that a 10 week old is still a little baby and sometimes needs some help!)

Nursing/Pumping: Our little guy has been a great eater since the beginning. There is very little I would do differently when it comes to breastfeeding. The two areas surrounding it that I would change are pumping and bottle feeding. We waited the recommended 4 weeks minimum before even considering trying bottles with him and really didn’t even get bottles until at least 6 weeks. I have been pumping regularly and will usually leave a little in a bottle to give him, but we are awful at remembering to do it. He will take a bottle if he is desperate, but we default to me breastfeeding him. Right now, that is no problem because I am home with him all day. However, we do eventually want to be able to go out and not have to worry about rushing home for me to nurse him! As for pumping, I have done it pretty haphazardly since the start. I have a great stock of milk in the freezer, but am not on a consistent system, which kind of throws off my milk supply. I am working on creating a more regular pumping schedule for myself so I can regulate my milk supply and continue to build a good freezer stock.

Baby Things: Oh, there are so many things we didn’t do correctly when it comes to getting baby things! First of all, we bought way too many things brand new. (Even though a lot of it was on sale…) There are so many resources for getting used items that we have only recently started to take advantage of. Just Between Friends is a phenomenal resource that every new parent should be aware of. There are events throughout the country where you can purchase items that are lightly used (or possibly brand new if you are lucky). You can also consign items you have that fit within their parameters. It can be so fun to look at baby clothes (I’m very guilty), but these are some of the easiest items to get second hand. The only things I would really recommend getting brand new are a car seat, a mattress for the crib/bassinet, pacifiers, and a breast pump. You can probably get away with everything else being a previously owned item, depending on what you are comfortable with. (On that note, I would highly recommend buying as much stuff gender neutral as you can so you can easily reuse it.)




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