My Postpartum Journey: Week 11

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This week has been so much fun! My mom has been in town and we have been doing a lot of exploring. We’ve gone to the arboretum, visited the public library, stopped by the local YMCA, gone on lots of walks, and tooled around town. It’s been fun to finally start getting out and being a little more social. (Getting out has been hard for me to do by myself.) Little man also decided to begin sleeping like an absolute champ. He has slept 7-9 hours in his first stretch of sleep each night this week. (We put him down for his bedtime between 6:30-7:00pm right now and he has been waking up one time at around 3:00-4:00pm. He will then sleep until about 6:30-7:00am.) Surprisingly, I am still tired. Oh well! My hubby and I also went out on our first date since I was pregnant. It was TOO long and we enjoyed getting some one on one time together. It was the first time I’ve left our son for more than an hour and the first time I’ve left him with anyone other than my husband. (Granted, we left him with my mom once he was fast asleep for bedtime…baby steps.)

Are you working? If so, how are you managing your time? I have been doing some part-time work since our little guy was about a month old. I’m in the process of figuring out a full-time gig, but am enjoying being a stay at home mommy right now. (I’m hoping to find a job where I can work at home full-time! We will likely try to find a regular babysitter to help out some if that ends up working out.) Right now, I try to get as much done during naps as possible. I use some project management tools to help me with that (Asana, Evernote and Wrike are all great options) and use a traditional to-do list! I also try to get ahead as much as possible. Where I can create routine, I do. For example, I try to exercise during the first nap of the day and then keep my exercise clothes on so we can go for a walk after he gets up and has eaten. I will spend the rest of the day running errands, getting out of the house for fun, and working during nap times. I will also do some chores with him in a wrap, depending on what they are. That allows me to hold him for awhile without tiring out my arms and frees up some of the precious nap time for other projects!

What sort of activities do you do? I have done a bunch of research on different activity ideas for infants of various ages. You can find a lot of the resources I’ve gathered on my Pinterest board. Some of our favorites include playing on his play gym, taking walks outside, doing our “exercises” (tummy time, practicing rolling over, baby sit-ups, etc.) and looking in the mirror.

Are you still swaddling? Yes and no. We do some swaddling during the day, but at night we use the Love To Dream swaddle. It lets our little guy have his hands up near his face and keeps him nice and cozy. We just got their 50/50 Transitional Swaddle in a large so that our little man can grow into it (he’s a big guy!) and so he can transition into the sleep sack version once he is older. We’ve also heard great things Baby Merlin’s Suit.

Have you found some mom friends? Not yet, although I am working on it. I’ve looked into joining a MOPS group (you can search for a group near you!), will be starting to attend story time at our local public library, and we are still working on finding the right church for us. There are also events at the arboretum that we will be attending!

If you are a new mom, I’d love for your to share your postpartum journey with me! Comment below or find me on social media. 

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