My 3 Month Update

Now that our little man is officially 3 months old, I figured switching to a monthly update would work! As always, feel free to post any questions you may have in the comments.

This month we have been busy! We are starting to transition to sleeping exclusively in the crib. (Our little guy is totally too big for his bassinet but I can’t bring myself to move him away from being right beside me at night!) I am getting back into the swing of things and trying to figure out how to be a full-time stay at home mom, a full-time working mom, a loving wife, and keep things reasonably clean/organized while I’m at it. I’ve gotten involved with my local MOPS group and Moms Club. This has been so helpful as I begin to build a new community in our new home.

I am also officially back to my pre-pregnancy weight range! (I don’t keep a scale in the house so I only know what I’ve weighed in at during doctor’s visits.) This does NOT mean that I am at pre-pregnancy measurements, but I didn’t expect to be. While my clothes definitely don’t fit the same, I can at least fit into most everything comfortably. I’m still loving my yoga pants though!

Now, on to some questions:

How are you handling social media? I recently shared an article from The Bump on my personal Facebook page. This article speaks to our decision on what to share (or not share) on social media. Ultimately, we have decided to significantly limit the amount of photos and types of photos we, and our family, post. We would like to give our son the opportunity to create his own digital footprint and learn how to navigate social media. We would not want anything to be out in the web that could negatively impact him in the future. While we, of course, can’t anticipate everything that could be of concern in the future, we do want to limit what we can. We’ve asked our family and friends to not post any photos of our son where you can see his face on any public forums. We have created a Dropbox account to share with those who would like more frequent updates of our little guy. That way we can keep things private, but still give everyone their baby fix. Also, there are some really creepy people out there and, in a moment of slight paranoia, I wanted to be sure that my son wasn’t going to be taken advantage of.

Any favorite items as you go into the winter? We are trying to figure out what we do and do not need for the winter season! We are definitely in the market for a winter coat and I’m looking at this snowsuit from Hanna Anderson. (If you haven’t found Hanna Anderson yet, you are missing out!! They are my new favorite.) We also grabbed some warm booties at a local Just Between Friends event. You can find an event near you here. We’ve stocked up on some sweaters and various layers at the Just Between Friends event and have taken advantage of several Carters sales. We are still on the hunt for some mittens and winter hats to add to our repertoire. We are trying to find the balance between having enough items for the cooler weather and not buying a ton of items that will only get worn a few times.

Are you on a schedule yet? Sort of! Three months old is still really young so we get off schedule often. The times I hold firm on are our wake up and night times. (We have a firm wake up at 7:00am and bedtime is firm at 7:00pm, unless there is a specific reason not to.) We try to have naps at 8:30, 11:00/12:00, 2:00/2:30, and 4:30. Our biggest challenge recently has been that our little guy is trying to drop to three or four naps, but he struggles to nap for longer than an hour during the day. Sometimes he ends up with about five naps because they are shorter than he needs to truly drop a nap. We are still working on getting him to have good naps during the day! Thankfully, he is sleeping well at night. He wakes up about one or two times a night. (Of course, I’ve probably just jinxed it.)

I’ll be coming back with an update next month! Send in your questions in the meantime at


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