Four And Five Month Update (Oops…)

Well, I went in to start our five month update and realized we had never done a four month update. And it’s almost time for a six month update. Oops…

If you can’t tell, things have been a little crazy and the holiday season didn’t help! Our sweet boy turned four months old the week before we left for Thanksgiving in North Carolina. We celebrated by spending lots of time with my family, getting to put his feet into sand for the first time (he loved it!), and working through what we thought was his four month sleep transition. We celebrated turning five months at home with my mom in town as my husband finished up some projects for his graduate program. Shortly thereafter, we got to celebrate our little guy’s first Christmas which was so very special! Of course, he preferred the wrapping paper over any gifts he received. Right after Christmas, we flew across the country to visit our family in California. We got to spend a lot of time with family, enjoy the warm California weather (it was in the 70s and it was in the 20s back home…), play in the sand, and explore the zoo where my husband and I were married. Needless to say, there was a lot happening!

I’ve got a lot of posts in the works including our failures, struggles and wins in sleep training, working through my new purpose as a mom, traveling with a baby, and more. Now that our travel is (almost) over, I am hoping to get those updates to you soon.

For now, here are some quick updates on our little man and how he has been doing for the last couple of months!

Best Moments
My favorite moments over the past few months have been all of the milestones and new things our little guy has learned! It is as if he just wakes up and is a completely new person. He’s managed to find his toes and can, therefore, take off his socks. He is in love with his bouncer and figured it out immediately. He learned how to roll from his tummy to his back, but he doesn’t really feel like doing it very much. He would much prefer to stand up and bounce up and down, even when he isn’t in his bouncer! (The boy does more squats in a 30 minute period than I could probably do all day.) He is super smiley and has started maybe giggling, but the jury is still out.

Worst Moments
Oh, boy, the sleep drama is real. (More on this later.) However, I would say that the worst moments have been more of my own making than anything. We flew to California after Christmas, like I mentioned above, and I am just a stress mess when we travel. I already get anxious with making sure I’m not forgetting anything, getting to the airport on time, etc., but adding a baby into the mix has taking this to a whole new level. I know that babies can feed off of your energy and so I am sure my anxiety stresses our son out a little bit. Thankfully, he is a champion traveler, at least for now, and so I have been pleasantly surprised by every trip we’ve done with him! (Fingers crossed I didn’t just jinx it.)

Well, I can assure you that I’m not about to tell you about how my son was sleeping through the night at two months old, skipped the four month sleep regression, and about how I get eight uninterrupted hours of sleep a night. There have been no more than seven days of my son’s life where he has slept for more than seven hours straight. Since his bedtime is between 6-6:30pm, we miss out on the first two to four hours of his first stretch, which is his longest. He typically sleeps about two to four hours at a time, waking up between two and four times a night. (Night being between his bedtime at 6-6:30pm and our official wake-up time of 7:00am.) He is also a pretty early riser. We have been working on sleep training (more on that in another post), but it has been extra difficult with all of the travel we’ve done. We know that part of his night waking is related to not fully knowing how to self-soothe, part is probably that he wants to nurse to sleep, and part is that he just wants to be snuggly and close. Either way, he is not sleeping through the night yet. We are working on it.

The boy is a champion eater! He is still exclusively breastfed and I am, selfishly, wanting to keep it that way for as long as possible. He is definitely showing an interest in food and watching us eat, but he doesn’t seem interested in actually eating. We are in no rush right now, but will probably begin the solid foods introduction soon.

He is taking a bottle (of breastmilk) a lot more easily than before which is great. He is mostly confused by the fact that it tastes normal, but the person who is giving it to him is clearly not me.

Favorite Things
Have I mentioned how much he loves his bouncer? If you have a four/five month old, you should definitely get one! We are borrowing ours from another mom in one of my mom groups. If you are a part of a mom group, ask anyone if they have one sitting around! That way you don’t have to worry about buying one new. You can also always look around for a used option. (If you are up for buying a new one, I highly recommend this one, which is what we have been borrowing.) He also loves his teething toys (drool much?!) and I recommend checking out Spearmint Love for some great options. Our favorites are this wooden teetherthis teething necklace, and this cactus shaped teether.

Because sleep is such a weird subject in our household right now, our schedule is not as routine as we would like it to be. But, we try to stick to the following:

7:00am Firm wake-up time (Usually we are already up by this time)
7:15/7:30am Eat and Play
8:30am Nap (Usually about 30-45 minutes)
9:00/9:15am Wake-up from nap
9:15am Tummy time/bouncer
9:30am Eat (Depending on how long it had been since eating. We try to wait a minimum of two hours, or up to four hours between feedings during the day. If he is just ravenous, I’ll nurse him right after he wakes up.)
9:45am Play time/errands/MOPS/get out of the house!
11:00am Nap (Usually anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half)
12:00pm Wake-up from nap (on average) and eat
12:15pm Play time/errands/get out of the house if we didn’t earlier
2:30pm Nap (Usually about 30-45 minutes)
3:15pm Wake-up from nap and eat
3:30pm Play time
4:30pm Possible additional nap, but he only if he had a short midday nap or if his third nap happened earlier than usual
5:45pm Begin the bedtime routine
6:30pm Asleep for bedtime
At night, he usually wakes up around midnight and 4:00am. On a bad night, he does 9:00pm, Midnight/1:00am, 3:00/4:00am. On a GREAT night, he wakes up once around 3:00/4:00am.

We absolutely love our little guy and can’t wait to see what month six has in store! Remember, if you have any questions about motherhood, postpartum recovery, working from home, or anything else I can answer in these blogs, email

Disclaimer: Affiliate links may have been used in this post. I may receive revenue from the use of affiliate links. All opinions are my own and are posts are not sponsored unless specified. (And even then, I will always give my honest recommendations, thoughts and feedback.)


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