2018 Word Of The Year And Goals

There are tons of blogs and articles about your “word” of the year. It can feel a little half-hearted, and I really haven’t participated previously. But, I was inspired this year to identify a theme word. I thought a lot about it. This will be my first full year of motherhood, first full year in a new city, first full year in a new job. It’s a lot of newness, and a lot of growth. What sort of word could possibly encompass this kind of life change?


In 2018, I’m committing to have grace with myself, to have grace with the new kind of balance I need to find, to have grace in my relationships, and to have grace when making tough decisions. I am a perfectionist, so “grace” is a tough pill for me to swallow. But I think it is specifically because it is so hard for me that I need to focus on it. With this in mind, I’m also working on my goals for the year.

Professional Goals

  • Get organized! I recently ordered my custom Golden Coil Planner and I am so excited about it. You can select the types of pages you want in it, what sort of view you want, and more. That means that you can make this planner into whatever you need at your stage of life! Need some help meal planning? You can add that. Have a new baby? You can add baby tracker pages. Looking for budget help? They have pages for that too. I’ll be posting about my thoughts on the planner once I get my version, but I was very impressed in the purchasing process.
  • Grow my social media channels. I have not done a very good job at building my social media presence for this blog. I’ll be really on top of it for like…a day…and then life gets in the way. Thanks to my new planner (!) I’m hoping that I’ll be more on top of this.
  • Get on a schedule for blog posts. Similar to the above point, I’m hoping that a better organizational system will help me stay on top of what I want to be doing through this blog. I have lots of ideas and topics I want to write about, but often don’t make time to put my thoughts together.
  • Take the CFRE exam.  As you may or may not know depending on how long you’ve been following my blog, my day job is in the nonprofit sector. The CFRE is a certification that is an incredible accomplishment that many people do not achieve. I’ve purchased some of the books needed to study, my application is complete, I just need to DO IT!
  • Expand my skills. I love learning new things. Sometimes to an extreme where I can’t focus on the things I am supposed to be doing! So, I have some specific areas where I want to expand my skills and grow. I am focusing on, as of right now, my leadership skills (and management skills if the opportunity presents itself), my negotiation skills, and my presentation (aka confidence) skills.

Personal Goals

  • Physical 

    • Exercise five days a week! I try to do Pilates or yoga, since both are easy to do in my house. When the weather was nicer, I also tried to get outside with our little man, but it is just too cold right now.
    • Get outside the house at least once a day, even if it is just to check the mail. I work from home and it is easy to be working at the computer and then look up and the day is over!
  • Mental
    • Spend some time with God with my husband each day. We are committing to doing a devotional together so we can grow in our faith together.
    • Spend some alone time with God each day. As important as it is to grow in my faith with others, like my husband and our church group, it is also important for me to spend time alone with God. I am not great at carving out time, and am going to commit to finding a time, even if it is just a few minutes.
  • Environmental
    • Going zero waste should be a lot easier than it is! While we are certainly not there, we are always looking for ways to lessen our waste. Our priorities for this year are to improve our recycling, incorporate one new zero waste idea a month, and look into product changes we can make to be more eco-friendly.
    • Get rid of the clutter! I hate clutter, and my husband is a little bit more sentimental. There is definitely a happy medium, but I also recognize that I have way more than I need. Right now, I am doing a closet clean-out to really evaluate what I wear, what fits well, and what I can donate or sell.
  • Health
    • Drinking more water! When I was recently postpartum, I drank SO much water. Now, I am not as good and I often forget until the second half of the day. I am committing to drinking more water, specifically earlier in the day.
    • Get enough sleep! This one can be incredibly difficult with a baby, but it is a key component of my physical health as well. Right now, I’m hoping for a total of eight hours, even though that is likely going to be in chunks.
  • Financial
    • Rebuild our emergency fund and savings. After having a baby, moving halfway across the country, and taking some time to be on maternity leave, we have used up a lot of our savings. We planned for this, but now we are moving into the stage of our plan where we need to build our funds back up!
    • Restart our retirement savings. Now that we are both in new jobs, we need to get this restarted. We’ve prioritized retirement savings in the past and it is especially important as we move forward with our little guy!
  • Community
    • Now that we are living in a new area, it is so important to us to find community! One way that we are working on this is to get started with a community group through our church. (We are also going to officially become members of our church, which we are very excited about!)
    • We have lots of friends we’ve had to leave in both California and Oklahoma. I, often, struggle to keep in touch with those friends we’ve moved away from. Even though we may not live in either of those places right now, I want to make sure I am staying in contact with those friends too.
  • Family
    • Outside of my faith, my family is THE most important thing in my life. Unfortunately, it is so easy to get consumed with other demands. This year, I am committed to being with my family when I am with them and not getting sucked into emails or checking my phone.
    • I also want to be more intentional about WHAT I do with my family. Pre-baby, my husband and I would sometimes just spend the day lounging around, watching TV, and just being in each other’s company. Now that we have a baby, that is simply not doable. (Not to mention, we have become SUPER aware of how much screen time we have now that we have a little one.) When I am with my family, I want to be having intentional experiences together whenever possible.

What is your word of the year? Do you have any goals for 2018?

3 Replies to “2018 Word Of The Year And Goals”

  1. My year for 2018 is Present. I want to be Present in God’s presence during my quiet time. I want to be fully Present with my family and friends and listen to them without having a background narrative going in my brain about everything else I need to do. And I want to be Present to myself–being aware of my feelings and dealing with them.

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