My 6 And 7 Month Updates

I’ve accepted that these updates are probably not going to happen on a monthly basis because…life. These two months have been busy but also so much fun!

Our sweet little boy is now babbling away all the time, has TWO teeth, and still loves getting out to explore. The last two months involved two cross-country flights, which was a bit too much travel for me! (I’ll be sharing my tips on traveling with a baby in a separate post.) The semester started back up for my husband and I am now working full-time. We are doing our best to figure out our new normal and a “balance” with working, being present as parents, supporting our marriage, and making time to grow in our faith. It is a lot, but all so so good!

New Skills
This stage is just so much fun, because it seems like our little guy is always doing something new! He can roll tummy to back like a pro, but is a little less interested in showing off his back to tummy rolling skills, although he is very capable. He can almost sit by himself unassisted. (This effort is only really hindered by his desire to chew on his toes or the carpet while sitting, which throws him off balance as you can imagine.) He can stand with some light balance assistance as well! He has not really tried to crawl, or at least hasn’t figured it out yet.

Our guy is a BIG talker and really lets you know when he has an opinion on something. He hasn’t really started making associates with “ma-ma” or “da-da”, although we reinforce that when we talk to him!

New Foods
We have just started doing some minor food introduction. While food is interesting, our little man seems to just want anything and everything to be in his mouth (aka prefers chewing on the spoon). We have tried applesauce and it seems to be tasty! We will be looking at trying some other fruits and vegetables. (Read: I am majorly dragging my feet on this.)

Baby’s Favorite Things
Our little guy still loves his bouncer and play gym! We’ve created a “discovery bin”, which has been a lot of fun. Essentially, it is a large Tupperware container that I put assorted kitchen gadgets (baby safe) and toys into for him to explore. (You can find ALL the resources I use for play ideas on my Pinterest page.)

Books are still a favorite. Our local library is an amazing resource! Our latest favorites are: Dragons Eat Tacos, Dragons Eat Tacos 2, The Lorax, Frog and Toad.

Best Moment
Our guy’s tummy to back rolling had gotten to be pretty solid, but he was just not getting the back to tummy direction. When we were traveling, I put him on the bed for a second while I grabbed something and he just flipped right onto his tummy like he had been doing it for ages! It was a fun moment, although I was definitely more excited than he was.

Worst Moment
After we got back from our second cross-country trip, our little guy got sick with his second cold of the season. This one was WAY worse, because he would cough so hard he would gag and throw up. It was awful. We went to the doctor twice in one week, but he didn’t have the flu thankfully. He is still dealing with a cough occasionally, but is otherwise better now! (I’m hoping we can make it out of the rest of flu season with minimal issues.)

We love our little guy and can’t wait to see all the fun things he learns this next month!

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