First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Last year was “officially” my husband’s first Father’s Day, but being eight months pregnant is a different situation than having an almost one year old bundle of joy! So, this year I want to do something really special for him. (I won’t be sharing EXACTLY what I’m doing until after Father’s Day because he is a regular reader of this blog!)

I’ve been asking around to see what other people are getting their husbands (or have gotten in the past) and wanted to share the ideas I’ve heard in case they help you in your gift giving.

First, how do you get started? Here are my three tips for meaningful gift giving:

  1. Think through what is unique to the person you are gifting – What are their hobbies? What do they like? What are their love languages? What do they value?
  2. Identify a reasonable budget – You do NOT need to spend a lot of money to give a great gift. Identify a budget that works for you, and plan to get creative.
  3. Consider experiences over “things” – More often than not, I have found that experiences are more meaningful than more things. Most people, myself included, have so much stuff! If you are like me, I’ll take some time with family/friends over a thing any day.

Now, on to my list of Father’s Day gift ideas! Have something I didn’t get on my list? Share it in a comment below!!

  • Date Night – My mom had a great suggestion of my “undivided attention at a date night”. As parents, it can be so hard to give each other attention because your focus is being pulled toward that adorable little human you created!
  • Map of Stars – You can order online (including on Etsy) a map of the stars of the night your baby was born. How sweet!!
  • Coordinates – You can also order online (including on Etsy) a keychain with the coordinates of where your baby was born. I love this idea!
  • Something he’ll use everyday – Does your husband work at a computer? Consider getting a custom mousepad made! (Shutterfly is a great resource for this.) Or maybe, a coffee tumbler with photos on it works better? No matter what you choose, regularly getting to see your little one will be a treat.
  • An annual tradition – Someone recommended creating an experience that you could do for your husband every year. Maybe this is a baseball game or getting funky matching socks for the whole family. You can really do a lot of fun things with this one!
  • Matchy matchy – Another idea was to get something fun that was matching for the father and kiddo OR to dress your kiddo up in something that is meaningful to the dad. (Mine would probably want to put our son in an Eagles jersey so that’s a no go…GO GIANTS!) Take a photo of your kid dressed up and frame it for dad’s office.
  • Get the friends together – You can coordinate with your hubby’s friend’s wives to create an experience they can do together. Something like beer brewing or camping would be a great idea.

Dads are so special (I know, I have a great one and married someone who became a great one!). There are a lot of great ways to celebrate dads and I hope this list was helpful to you. I’d LOVE to hear what you are doing for Father’s Day too!

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