Our Eight and Nine Month Updates

Hello friends!

Well, per usual, we missed a month so here we are with another two-month update. Things have been so incredibly fun the last few months. There is a lot happening for our little guy! He is still babbling a ton and exercising all volume levels of his voice, but especially likes “loud”. He has lots of new skills and is getting to a point where it is even more fun to go out and explore, meet other kids, and have new experiences. I can’t believe he is already nine months old though! My little baby isn’t so little anymore…cue mommy tears.

New Skills
O is now an expert sitter and enjoy playing with toys and getting a new view of the world. He is now able to sit in the tub for bath time too, which has been nice! He can’t stand unassisted but can balance for a bit if he is holding onto a piece of furniture. He is SO close to crawling and as excited as I am for that…I am also not. He is a big talker and has started babbling ma-ma and da-da, amongst other things, but doesn’t associate that with us yet. Object permanence is also a new thing, which is great except when I am the object! So, separation anxiety has also been an adventure, which has led to some more traumatic naps.

New Foods
We have tried lots of food over the past two month and most of it has been a hit! Our little man is still primarily breastfed and is mostly just exploring foods at this point. (Although, his teeth may prompt a change in that…). Our favorites: mango, pear, sweet potato, hummus. Tried and not sure: oatmeal, peas, avocado.

Favorite Things
Our little guy is still in a “everything in my mouth” stage of life, so he enjoys his teething toys, books, and anything else he can get his hands on! He is not really loving his jumper much anymore, and really likes to be free to move as much as possible. He still enjoys being in his carrier and riding around in his stroller. We continue to do discovery boxes, which are a huge hit. Our favorite is a “kitchen items” themed box, which includes: whisk, spatula, measuring cups, and a few other random things that he can’t hurt himself with!

Best Moment
I’ve enjoyed the way that our little guy is just exploring and growing in so many ways. I think my favorite moments are when he reaches for me or “calls” for us. Even though he can’t express himself with words, his intentions are clear. (And sometimes loud.) Despite his want to be held being a little overwhelming sometimes, I truly enjoy being wanted in those moments.

Worst Moment
The past two months has been very eye-opening about what I can and cannot handle. Working full-time with a baby is tough, but doable…up until the baby needs more attention, is (almost) mobile, and needs focus to foster key milestones. I just don’t have the time that I need and want to have to be available for our little man. So, this month we decided we needed to hire some help. Thankfully, my sister-in-law was needing a position at about the same time so she will be watching him soon enough, which is great! Even though we are very excited to have her watch him, I still wish I could give more time to him.

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