Our Ten Month Update

Are we about to get an update out on time?! Better late than never, I guess! This month has been an exciting one and our little guy is growing up so fast. How he could possibly be nearing his first birthday is absolutely beyond me.

This month we went to visit my parents for two weeks, which was so exciting! Our little man got to enjoy some wonderful time with his grandparents. He got to play, spend a lot of time outside, including in the garden, and even play with some other tiny humans. What more could a little boy want?

Now, for some updates:

New Skills
This month has involved a lot of new skills! Our little guy was already sitting unassisted, but now he can go from sitting to his belly. He is also now crawling (or, rather, scooting) around all the time. He loves standing up, but still requires assistance. However, he can take several steps in a row while holding your hand, which is so exciting. (But also now we can’t let him out of our sight!)

New Foods
Our little man is now eating lots of different foods. In the last few weeks things have definitely shifted from a “trying new foods” situation to a “need the food to be full” situation. He enjoys rice & lentils, oatmeal, basically every fruit, carrots, sweet potatoes, fish, regular potatoes, and avocado.

Favorite Things
Things get boring very quickly now…which makes things a little bit tricky! We recently bought this musical instrument set and multi-color, textured ball set. Both have been pretty big hits so far! We are starting to focus on Montessori style toys and activities. If you have any recommendations, we would love to hear them!

Outside of toys, our little guy loves being held and getting lots of attention. He also loves being outside and I’m glad the weather is cooperating!

Best Moment
Oh there have been so many! Things change so quickly. I think my favorite moments though are when I get to embrace his littleness. Even though he is growing up so fast, he is still only ten months old and I want to treasure every snuggle, nuzzle, and moment when he depends on me because it will pass before I know it.

Worst Moment
This month has also involved a lot of teething, including two top teeth and one (possibly two) additional bottom teeth. It has been a painful process. He has also been running a low grade fever off and on for what feels like weeks. It makes him feel really clammy and fussy. I just want to be able to soothe his discomfort and it is awful when I can’t.

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